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you want to get a user-centric mobile app or website for your customers? Do you want more engagement from your mobile app or website? Well, good UI UX design can help you out. UI UX design can be the make-or-break factor in your mobile app development.

At MMC Global, we have the best UI UX designers, experts, and consultants in our team. Our team is proficient in creating mobile app designs and can provide you with designs for a mobile interface, dashboard, apps for iOS, Android, tvOS, and the web. We promise you a UI UX design that can help you create a lasting impression on the users’ minds. In fact, our design will get you so excited that you’ll want to take the app and launch it right away!

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UI UX Design Services

We are a UI UX design company that helps businesses scale and grow with our range of UI UX services.

iPhone app UI/UX design

Android app UI/UX design

Custom app UI/UX design

iPad app UI/UX design

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IoT-based app UI/UX design

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Website UI/UX design

Design-led engineering or design thinking for better software

Who do we care about the most when making UI UX design for a mobile app or website? The users, of course! Design-led engineering revolves around the people or users of the product. The main intention here is to improve mobile apps by analyzing and understanding how a user interacts with them. This method of engineering isn’t just human-centered but is deeply human itself.

Design-led engineering is a process through which we engineer a product on the basis of design. In this method of creating software, we first understand the users and then define their needs. Based on this, our UI UX experts come up with an ideal design that can be used and consumed by the users easily. As per the design, our developers apply technology that translates the design into a user-friendly product. It then goes into the testing phase in which we check the functionality as well as the user-friendliness of the mobile app or site.




Wireframes are an important element in UI UX design for mobile apps. They not only help create a basic structure for the mobile app but also allows us to fix any flaws or make changes at the initial stages themselves. It basically creates a roadmap of the entire mobile app development process. Our business analysts will understand and analyze your requirements and then create the wireframe using wireframe design tools like Balsamiq and AdobeXD.

Tools we Use for Brilliant UI UX Designs


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Our Ultimate Process for UI/UX Design


Understanding & gathering requirements

In this step, we will work with you to understand your expectations and requirements for this project. We’ll get to know more about you, your goals, and your target users so that we can create a design that you’ll love. We will be sending you a questionnaire too so that we can get all the details we require from you for creating your UI UX design. Once we are satisfied with the information we collect, only then we will be moving forward to the next step in the process.

Creating a wireframe

Our team will create a blueprint structure for your site or app UI UX design. This will help us gauge the flow of your users as per the goals you want to be met. We do this to ensure a smooth-flowing user journey on your app or site. We will then create a wireframe for each screen which will help you understand the placement of each element. Our team will be using the latest tools like Balsamiq for creating wireframes so that your app’s UI/UX design is future-ready and trendy.

Designing theme

We’ll keep referring to the list of requirements that we gathered from you in the first step of the design process. Accordingly, we’ll match the requirements with your company values and ideologies to create the perfect fit. First, we’ll decide the color palette and typography, then move on to the shape of all the elements used. Finally, we’ll use these to create unique themes and design some basic pages in those themes.

Generating navigation flow prototype

We want to create a design that you fall in love with so we will be getting feedback from you on the design themes. We will make any changes that you suggest in the theme and if there are no changes, then we will move forward to designing graphics. This will help you better understand the placement of all the elements and will bring your app or site to life. We will generate a prototype that you can try out to understand the user journey and functionality of your app.

Final approval

This will be the final stage of the design process. We will validate the design and get feedback from your end. If you want any changes after looking at the prototype of the app, then our team of UI UX designers can implement the same. If you do not need any changes and give us the thumbs up then we will send you the final files. After this process comes to an end, we will start with the development process for your app or site.


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Gideon Banahene

I am really pleased with the prompt responses I got from MMC Global. Inquiries were answered within a very short time and issues were fixed within 12 hours. The MMC Global team kept open communication at every stage of the process. Working with them felt like a collaboration resulting in the creation of a platform we are more stan satisfied with. The team took our concept and successfully create the platform we have today. Rakesh and his team really have the clients vision as a priority.


Ashish Fernandez

MMC Global understood our expectations and were receptive to feedback. The team always resolved issues within 12 hours. The app earned positive feedback and a 400% increase the number of users. Effective QA and QC made development seamless and efficient. The team was communicative and available on available to work on weekends as needed. Bug fixes were always completed within 12-hour time-frame.


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