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5 Best Celebrity Look Alike Apps And The Business Model Of Making Money

If you’ve ever been curious about what your favorite celebrity would look like if they had a twin, there are now apps for that! Celebrity look alike apps are becoming more and more popular. And they’re a fun way to see how closely you resemble your favorite stars. Some of the most popular celeb look alike apps include My Replica, Star By Face, Celebs, Gradient, etc.

In today’s celebrity-obsessed society, celebrity look alike apps have become a popular trend. Celebrities are everywhere, whether that means on TV shows or social media. It seems as though there isn’t a celebrity out there who doesn’t have their app – and now you can be like the stars too with these celebrity look alike apps!

What are Celebrity Look Alike Apps?

As we mentioned before, a celebrity look alike app is any app that allows you to take a selfie and see what a celebrity face you resemble. These apps work by comparing features such as eye size and hair color to photos of celebrities; then they return which celebrity you most closely resemble. Some celebrity look alikes apps also include celebrity videos. So, you can see what celebrity you most closely resemble in action.

You can find millions of mobile app development companies that provide customized applications either to earn money, run businesses, gaming, and so on. One of the most in-demand platforms is to share images on Instagram-like apps (photo-sharing apps). For example, Snapchat, Pinterest, and many others. 

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Users love to share their looks, photography skills, food images, and generate content that makes their intended audience engaged. Same for those who want to look similar to their favorite celebrity, they use apps that are mentioned below.

Let’s take a closer look at the top celebrity look alike apps!

Top 5 Celebrity Look Alike Apps And Their Features

Although this app has received negative reviews for not working with iOS 10, it remains one of the most popular celebrity looks alike apps. This app is very user-friendly. It allows users to upload photos of themselves or use selfies that are saved on their phones. Then they can compare them to over 300 celebrities.


An additional feature of the look alike app is that there are look alike videos. You can watch and mimic so you look like them while saying the dialogues as well. Whether you are a fan of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, or Lady Gaga, there is a look alike video for you to mimic their look. What’s more, the free version even offers celebrity look alike videos!

  • Users of mobile devices can get answers to inquiries such as, “How can I discover my famous lookalike?” What celebrity do I resemble?
  • If you’re wondering who I resemble, here’s a list of celebrities who look like me. The finest option for comparing users’ appearances to celebrity faces that most closely match them is presented.
  • The user’s face is compared to well-known personalities in the app. Such as singers, politicians, historical figures, actors, actresses, athletes, and more.

2) Celebs

Although this celebrity looks alike app only has celebrity videos, it’s still one of the most popular celebrity looks alike apps on the market. With celebrity videos, you can easily see which celebrity you most resemble by watching them in action; this is especially helpful when determining your celebrity twin.

Additionally, if you love to take selfies then this might be the celebs look alike app for you. It allows you to use selfies as well as celebrity images. Celebs come with a number of filters and features that allow users to look like a celebrity. This look alike app allows you to select different filters and switch between them.
  • The identification of celebrities who have identical faces.
  • I’m on the lookout for the finest doppelgänger.
  • The twin faces can be similar.
  • The ey-catching similarity to the renowned personality.
  • The animal has an amazing function that allows you to see who you look like.

If you’re not willing to pay anything at all for your celebrity look alike results, then By Face is definitely the best celebrity look alike app for you! Although this celebrity look alike software costs only a dollar, it’s actually one of the most popular celebrity look alikes apps on the market. This celebrity look alike app also offers celebrity videos which are very helpful when determining your celebrity twin.

star by face celebs look alike
  • Delivers the greatest possible resolution for each photo
  • Thousands of celebrities are available, giving you a wide range of options.
  • Huge numbers of functionalities make the app more user-friendly thanks to the excellent use of machine learning technology.

These days, look alike applications have been a trending topic for users all across the world. People desire to look like their favorite celebrity and the gradient app has been a great boon for those who love look alike applications.


Like By Face, Gradient is completely free! Also, like By Face, Gradient offers celebrity videos so you can see which celebrity you most closely resemble in action. However, what makes Gradient different from other celebrity apps is that there are no filters to edit your photo with. Rather, you simply take a selfie or upload an image and get back results instantly without having to edit anything at all. For many users who may not be able to afford celebrity look alikes apps on a regular basis, this is a great option!

Some of the popular look alike provided by the look alike app are:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Katy Perry
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Scarlett Johansson

Gradient look alike app is a type of celebrity look alike application. The best part of the look alike feature of the look alike app is that it provides guaranteed look alikes to the users.

5) Photoshop Face Swap (Price: Free)

Although this celebrity look alike app isn’t as popular, it can still be helpful for users who need celebrity results instantly. With the Photoshop Face Swap celebrity look alike software, you don’t even have to take a photo of yourself because it allows you to swap faces with images from your camera roll. In other words, if you’re looking for celebrity twin results without having to take a selfie or upload an image then Photoshop Face Swap is perfect for that!
photoshop face swap

Make Money with Celebrity look alike apps

After all, Apps are developed or created to make money for their developers. MMC Global helps businesses to start earning money by offering customized mobile apps development. Our consultants provide robust strategies to earn money with the business app as they have vast experience in building iOS and Android app development. Not only consultations but Our professional and well-educated developers always meet the client’s expectations no matter how complicated the projects are.

Apps are made to earn money in various ways such as advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, etc. Celebrity look alike apps are made for fun and entertainment only yet the app owners can earn an extra buck by the available strategies mentioned above.

Let’s discuss how celebrity look alike apps can earn money.


Apps can easily show advertisements such as banners, interstitials, pop-ups, and videos to the end-users by integrating Ads SDK provided by app developers. By researching the target audience, you can pitch the companies of the same niche that should be willing to promote their brand on your apps. Digital advertising is the most in-demand strategy to build brand awareness and generate revenue. Many leading businesses approach you if they come to know you got the high traffic of their targeted audience on your apps.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are one of the most used strategies to generate revenue by Apps owners as Apps publishers have direct contact with their users, so it’s easy for apps owners to convince their app users to purchase unique features or additional content within Apps. Apps publishers can easily avail this opportunity to generate revenue through Apps that already have a large user base. Apps owners can convince their app users to purchase contents or features within Apps, which is one of the best ways for Apps to make money.


Sponsorship is one of the most used strategies to generate revenue. Apps owners can easily find a sponsor that will pay for your app to promote their business or product through Apps.


App owners can provide their users with yearly or monthly subscriptions for their Apps content or features by integrating Apps subscription SDK provided by developers. Apps owners can provide their users with yearly or monthly subscriptions for Apps content or features. You can earn money by making advanced features on a subscription.


In conclusion, these are the top 5 celebrity replica apps on the market. All of these celebrity look alike apps offer celebrity videos so you can see which celebrity you most closely resemble in action; they also allow users to upload images or selfies, and share results over social media with friends!
But what happens when celebrity look alike software doesn’t work? What about celebrity look alikes that return inaccurate results? Just like how Google’s face app was not very accurate (to say the least), celebrity look alike software isn’t always an accurate form of entertainment. But don’t worry! This is where mobile application developers come in. We at MMC specialize in building mobile applications as you want, so if you’re thinking about developing your own celebrity twin mobile app then feel free to contact us for more information!

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